Green Building Concept Suggested by Indian Green Building Council: Horizon Buildcon (HB)

Jeevesh Sabharwal, Founder & Director of Horizon Buildcon is one of the proponents of green building ideology in all his real estate endeavors. He explains how Green Building Council’s  norms can help us build cities that are environment-friendly, economically viable and socially sustainable.

Green building is the practice of increasing the effectiveness with which buildings and their sites use water, power, and resources. It helps to reduce the negative environmental impact and increase eco-friendly sustanibility.

The concept of green building is surely catching up and it is also the need of the hour with global warming increasing across the globe. Green building concept is not only environmentally dependable but also efficiently well organized throughout a building’s lifecycle offering tremendous benefits, both tangible and intangible

Most builders prefer the green building concept because of its sustainable architecture. Green buildings totally help to minimize the harmful impact that construction has on the environment. With optimizing the overall use of natural ecology and natural materials, green buildings are high on efficiency.

The Horizon Buildcon (HB) are one of the prominent followers and promoters of Indian Green Building Council’s ideology. We have implemented the vision of green buildings and our focus is totally on sustainable architecture thereby preserving our ecosystem.

Green buildings are not only innovative in structural designs and concepts but they also ensure full profitability. We believe that the expansion and growth of our potential homebuyers have a large impact on our natural environment.

The built-up, design, structure and operation of the buildings in which we live and work are accountable for the utilization of many of our natural resources. Thus, it’s advisable to switch to this sustainable architectural design.

In fact, it’s a win-win situation for both builders and home buyers. By adopting the green building norms and practices, builders can not only focus on quality but also on the conservation of natural resources.  So, these following points makes green building a great concept as proposed by Green Building Council and followed by Horizon Buildcon in all our endeavors :-

  1. Sustainable design

It helps to prevent the unnecessary destruction of private lands and other open spaces. It encourages the need for higher density urban spaces. It not only focuses on using good materials but also helps to preserve the key environmental assets thereby preserving the natural ecological system.

From planning, to design and from operation to maintenance, everything is resource efficient and that’s the reason it is called as sustainable design. The design concept is rightly about building for future and cannot just be restricted to a structure.

  1. Water conservation

It helps to preserve the natural water cycle as it follows the natural hydrological system. The major emphasis of water conservation in green buildings is groundwater recharging and on-site infiltration.

Everything is done according to recycled process, so not a single drop of water gets wasted. Rainwater harvesting and stormwater harvesting also helps to preserve water.

Green buildings also recycle the gray water and that is used for flushing purpose. Water conservation is great for the environment and green buildings have rightly adhered to this concept.

  1. Energy efficient

It helps to maximize the use of renewable energy and other low energy resources. It helps to save energy more than those buildings that are built from bricks. Green buildings normally depend on energy resources such as hydropower, wind power, and solar power.

The efficient use of energy in green buildings also helps to improve the indoor air quality. There is no need to worry about power bills because of energy competence advantage. It’s truly a good time to buy a home in green buildings.

  1. Building materials and other resources

It helps to minimize the use of non-renewable construction through efficient construction and engineering. It emphasizes the use of recycled construction debris that does not happen in the normal construction process.

This maximizes the use of natural engineered materials, resource composites and biomass materials, which increases the efficiency of the green building. In simple words, green buildings are build from nontoxic materials and recycled materials that are not only low on cost but are also eco-friendly.

  1. Indoor air quality

A recent research proved that green buildings provide healthy and productive indoor environment for home occupants. That means people who stay in these buildings are far healthier because of open ventilation and use of nontoxic materials during construction. Green buildings provide natural access to thermal comfort, natural ventilation and daylighting.

  1. Higher market value and low cost

Green buildings have a higher market value as compared to normal buildings. As the maintenance and utility cost is lower, the value of the building may appreciate with time.

Staying in a green building is lucrative as compared to staying in a normal building for sure. Well, it does not mean that green buildings do not require after repairs, they do. However, the functional cost and maintenance cost is lower than a normal building that makes it a safe bet.

As suggested by Indian Green Building Council, the concept of green building is truly the future of sustainable architecture. We at Horizon Buildcon (HB) stick to all the norms of green building to provide maximum advantages to potential homebuyers and also give emphasis to pollution free environment. Most of our recent projects, including Orrizonte use solar power as an important source of energy (35%). We have provision for rainwater harvesting across all our properties. We do water recycling and have installed STP plants in all our properties. As much as 90% water is recycled and used for flushing, horticulture and air-conditioning. To reduce energy losses and render green effects to our properties, we have installed IEPS panels, AAC blocks and double-glazed glass windows in our buildings.

It’s a safe bet for all the real estate builders to use the concept of green buildings in all their projects because together we can do our bit for the planet.

About Jeevesh Sabharwal:

Jeevesh Sabharwal is the Founder & Director of The Horizon Buildcon. He is a Business Administration graduate from Western International University, USA. He believes in his father, Naresh Sabharwal’s vision as a second generation entrepreneur and carries the legacy of meaningfully touching the lives of employees, creating values for customers and leaving a legacy of inspiration for the future generations.

He shoulders multifarious portfolios and handles family-owned group of companies in real estate, construction and trading. The Horizon Buildcon was conceptualized in the year 2006 as Jeevesh’s flagship company. Since then the company has been rendering its expertise in envisioning, building, and developing residential, commercial and affordable infrastructure. Expanding their presence in North India, the company has developed multiple real estate projects in the states of Delhi/NCR, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and Maharashtra (Nasik).

Jeevesh shares his forte in real estate where his company is making the world a better place by creating contemporary housing and world-class commercial, residential and recreational properties. But that’s not just it; he also exhibits an impressive leadership in international trade across a wide range of product lines like building material and furnishings, liquor, ethnic wear and more.

Horizon is one of India’s leading providers of communications services that has a dedicated team of a dozen management employees & focuses entirely on the wide range of energy issues. Team energy meets quarterly with department heads across the business. They develop, implement and sustain a world-class energy gram. Benchmark its administrative facilities, they prioritize and motivate facilities to bring their energy standard to a higher level.

Starting a business from the ground up, Jeevesh Sabharwal has become the leading & wondrous entrepreneur working towards building a better world with a keen worldly view and a focus on the future and technology.

Jeveesh Sabharwal, who is a sincere businessman from the Horizon Buildcon Pvt Ltd of Delhi (India) and also holds Group Offices situated in China as well as in Dubai. He confessed that it was juicy when he first offered in the real estate business. “Every business type comes with challenges but with dedication and determination, i was able to progress”